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Ubud Wedding Venues

Ubud is located in the upland of Bali among the rice paddies, rainforests and rivers. It is known for its peacefulness and earthiness. When it comes to wedding locations, Ubud has a myriad of romantic places with the cool hill air. Ubud wedding venues highlight the charms of the region in various ways: from artistically to elegantly.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Ubud

The magical Ubud is quite different than the rest of the island. It has a relatively lower temperature and more rainfall than the areas in the southern of Bali. Before you go further with the planning, have some time to know the region better, so you can pick the right time and wedding venues in Ubud.

When will be the perfect time to get married in Ubud?
The dry season falling between May to October will be an ideal time to have weddings in Ubud. The average rainfall is higher than the beachfront areas in South Bali. Choosing indoor Ubud wedding venues is recommended between November in April.

What venues are available in Ubud?

  • There are elegant villas with the rainforest or river views. These places offer uplands serenity with the natural white noise of chirping birds or river water flows.
  • Some hotels are situated amid rice paddies. Tying the knot surrounded by the rice paddies will make picture-perfect wedding
  • There are Ubud wedding venues that are located high enough, so you can view some parts of Gianyar region, including the beaches.

What can I do in Ubud to entertain my family and friends who come from other countries?

  • Walking the trek of Ubud rice terrace. It will be a relaxing walk.
  • Shopping at Ubud Art Market for some handicrafts. There are beautiful handicrafts in the market that are pocket-size, so you do not need extra space in the luggage.
  • Enjoying healthy food around Ubud. Ubud is famous for its vegetarian and healthy food.
  • Taking some yoga class. Yoga class and community are ubiquitous in Ubud.

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