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Seminyak Wedding Venues

Seminyak is a beach area in the southern part of Bali. It comprises voguish hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and high-end shops. If you are looking for trendy wedding locations, Seminyak offers countless options. Beaches, pergolas, villas yards, wedding venues in Seminyak highlight the stylishness of the region.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Seminyak

Seminyak combines modernity, art, and nature. Most Seminyak wedding venues overlook the sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, perfect for outdoor weddings. But then, how about the weather? Is it friendly enough for beach weddings? We compile some information about Seminyak that might help you in planning a wedding in the area.

When will be the perfect time to get married in Seminyak?
Seminyak is one of the areas with low average rainfall, but you might still need a back-up indoor venue from November to April. Most of the hotels or villas in the region have both indoor and outdoor Seminyak wedding venues. The rest of the year is mostly fine for gardens or beach weddings.

What venues are available in Seminyak?

  • Hotels, resorts, villas: There is an extensive range of hotels, resorts and villas to suit different budgets in Seminyak. From tropical garden view to ocean view, you can choose your backdrop for your Seminyak weddings.
  • Indoor function rooms: Indoor function rooms with an elegant interior are available in the area.

What can I do in Seminyak to entertain my family and friends who come from other countries?

  • Seminyak is a paradise for foodies. Different kinds of food is offered in the area, from Indian to Greek food.
  • Seminyak is a home for the high-end boutique. You can take your family and friends to shop in the heart of Seminyak
  • Watching the sunset while sipping beers is one of the favourite things-to-do in the area. The road to the beach will be quite busy when the sun almost sets.
  • This area is quite famous for its nightlife. Disparate styles of clubs can be easily spotted between Legian and Seminyak road.

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