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Nusa Dua Wedding Venues

Nusa Dua, the central of 5-star resorts in the southern part of Bali, is blessed with white sand beaches and a sweeping view of Indian Ocean. Saying ‘I do’ with the backdrop of the soothing ocean, and sands tickling your bare feet are the magnets of Nusa Dua wedding venues. The beach's charm complements the tropical Balinese resorts perfectly.

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Insider tips for Weddings in Nusa Dua

The region has some characters and rules that might be different from other areas. Here are our insider tips for weddings in Nusa Dua to help you in the planning stage.

When will be the perfect time to get married in Nusa Dua?
Nusa Dua is considered as one of the hottest parts in Bali with high humidity. It is breezy in August and early September, but the rest of the year, you have to be ready to sweat while you are on the beach, but you can play with the wedding timing. Most of the outdoor weddings in Nusa Dua will be around 4 to 5 pm. Most Nusa Dua wedding venues have a curfew until 11 pm.   

What venues are available in Nusa Dua?
4- and 5-star hotels and resorts in Nusa Dua have a myriad of venue styles: glass chapels overlooking the ocean, beaches with arbour adorned with tropical flowers, pergolas, al-fresco by the beach restaurants, and whatnot. Most of the resorts offer various size function rooms to suit your number of guests. Wedding venues in Nusa Dua mostly come with accommodations. If you have many flying-in guests, you can easily find rooms for them.

What can I do in Nusa Dua to entertain my family and friends who come from other countries?
Unwinding on the beach for a day after your wedding feast will be an ideal option. If your family and friends stay longer, you can take them to shop in the local art markets and see if you can hold the temptation of shopping for artistic Balinese handcraft.

Nusa Dua is a few minutes away from Tanjung Benoa that is popular for its guided water sports. Tanjung Benoa is where you can experience the fun-side of Bali.  

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