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Geelong Wedding Venues

The vibrant Geelong comprises suburban, coastal, and country areas, so Geelong wedding venues are varied. Located on Corio Bay, Geelong offers some waterfront venues too. You will be surprised to see how various wedding venues in Geelong are, from historic homestead to modern waterfront venues.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Geelong

Before finding your best wedding venues, dates, and further, there are some points to take into consideration, such as the weather and your preferred wedding setting. Do you prefer having your day in a barn? Or against the ocean?

When will be the perfect time to get married in Geelong?
You can get married in any season in Geelong. But if you are thinking of winery wedding venues, they will look best in autumn and springs. The foliage will turn orangish or warm in autumn, but fresher in Springs. If waterfront weddings sound ideal for you, you can tie the knot anytime at waterfront wedding venues in Geelong.

What style of wedding can I have at Geelong?

  • Rustic Wedding: Farms and gardens at the country-side of Geelong are ideal wedding venues. The atmosphere matches the characteristics of rustic weddings that highlight natural colour and decorations.
  • Historic wedding: There are a lot of homesteads, farms, or buildings with the Victorian style that were built in the 1800s. Historic wedding venues in Geelong are ubiquitous.
  • Winery wedding: Bellarine is famous for its winery wedding venues. Admire the hill and Corio Bay view while you are sipping your wines
  • Waterfront wedding: Geelong has countless options for waterfront wedding venues, from lake view to the ocean view. The tranquillity that the waters radiate makes waterfront venues one of the popular Geelong wedding venues.

What can I do in Geelong to entertain my family and friends who come from outside the region?

If you want to give an appreciation to your family and friends who come all the way to celebrate your wedding in Geelong, you can take them to some places:

  • Sipping wine and enjoying the delectable food in Bellarine. The seclusion of Bellarine is ideal for an intimate family gathering.
  • Enjoying the greens in Geelong Botanic Gardens. Being amid plants is always soothing. Take some time to walk around and relax in the Botanic Gardens.
  • Admiring Geelong historical architecture: Customs House, Town Hall, Churches
  • Walking along the promenade at sunset. Sunset never fails to amaze everyone.

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