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Blue Mountains Wedding Venues

Blue Mountain is a rugged mountainous region in New South Wales. Eucalyptus forests, cliffs, waterfalls, and villages dot the region. The Blue Mountains has disparate natural landmarks across the region, so do Blue Mountains wedding venues. The places are blessed with various scenery for your nuptial setting. It gives more options for venues for weddings in Blue Mountains.

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Insider Tips for Weddings in Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains is a home for best wedding venues with diverse natural scenery. Thousands of options are available there. Before you plan further on your locations and dates, we are putting what you should know about weddings in Blue Mountains in the Insider Tips.

When will be the perfect time to get married in Blue Mountains?
You have flexibility in choosing the date for your wedding in Blue Mountains. The weather is mostly comfortable for events. But a backup venue is always needed. During the winter, you probably need indoor wedding venues. It will be a bit freezing for outdoor weddings.

What venues are available in Blue Mountains?

  • Gardens with mountain views never fail to amaze people.
  • Modern Estates are available if you prefer a modern wedding in Blue Mountains
  • Chapels surrounded by beautiful nature. You can have an indoor ceremony and take some beautiful pictures outside the wedding venue.
  • Barns matches those who dream of rustic wedding venues.

What can I do along with Blue Mountains if I want to entertain my family and friends who come from outside the region?

  • You can have some bushwalking to enjoy nature in Blue Mountains: bird life, mountain views, waterfall.
  • Blue Mountains offers an extensive selection of places to eat from cafés to wineries. Some of them set on the lands overlooking beautiful views.
  • There are several antique galleries in the region with eclectic collections of objects.

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